Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia
Asia Disaster

The CSSP program certifies that you have mastered strategic sourcing and that you are therefore capable of delivering enormous value to your organization. Value which is delivered as a result of strategic sourcing derives from cost, quality, risk, sustainability, supply continuity, and capital preservation among others.

MAP Insights: The criticality of effective supply chain management in times of disaster by Jesus Carlos P. Villaseñor (posted on Business World - Nov. 18, 2013)
In the wake of tragedies like the devastation caused by Yolanda, a key aspect of recover is supply chain management - acquiring and delivering the water, tents, medicine, body bags, blankets and clothes desperately needed.

Training Schedules:

5-6 PH: Total Cost of Ownership and Contract Management
25-26 PH: CPSM Module 2 "Effective Supply Management Performance"
27-28 PH: Contract and Performance Management
22 & 29 PH: CPIM Module 1 (Part 2) Basics of Supply Chain Management

21-22 PH: Managing Inventory in the Supply Chain
23 PH: Physical Inventory & Cycle Counting
25 PH: Supplier Financial Analysis
29-30 PH: CSSP Module 2 of 3 (Advanced Strategic Sourcing)

7-8 PH: CSCP Module 1 "Fundamentals of Supply Management"
12-13 PH: CPSM Module 3 "Leadership in Supply Management"
15-16 PH: Cost Analysis
21-22 PH: Managing Finance in the Supply Chain
28-29 DUBAI: CPSM Review